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History of the Club

Welcome to Milton Hill Bowls Club      

  The Bowls Club is now open. Please refer to local rules posted at the club

  See Forthcoming events for details

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Milton Hill Bowls Club is a mixed club, with a total of some 40 members; playing in the Kennet Leagues, the Ladies Ridgeway league and the Ashley Baker mixed triples league. Plus a number of friendly games (mens, ladies and mixed) are included in our annual programme of events.
 We have an excellent All-Weather Green, so that we can also play throughout the winter.
We invite members from other Clubs to join us for the Winter Bowls season as Associate Members. (See Forthcoming events for more information)

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How Bowls are made
Bowls are made from Melamine resin which is resistant to temperature and/or humidity changes. The resin granules are weighed, heated with high freq radio waves until they become a soft malleable consistency. They are then placed in a moulding press. A computer controlled machine then carves the profile and the grips are machined in. The rings and emblems are also machined in and then painted. The bowl is then buffed up to a high polish.The next stage is to test them against a world master bowl to check they are a matched set. This is done by rolling them down a ramp to the same set position as the master bowl. All four bowls must end up in the same position on the mat to form a matched set.